for Wind Symphony

Composed: 2013
Commission: Dr Caroline Beatty, Texas State University Wind Symphony
Premiere:  Texas State University Wind Symphony, Dr. Caroline Beatty, conductor, March 20, 2014
Duration: 6 minutes
Instrumentation:  Picc, flutes 1,2, oboes 1,2, bassoons 1,2, Opt. Cbsn.,cls.1,2,3, bs. cl., opt.contra bs. cl., alto,tenor,bari saxes, tpts.1,2,3, hns, 1,2,3,4,Tbns.1,2, Bs. tbns. Euphs. Tubas, Piano, Perc.(timp.,xyl/glock, vibes,mar.,tom-toms, bs. dr. sus.cym. wd.blk)


A constant motor rhythm beats throughout most of Pulse.  More and more instruments enter with varying rhythms, but over the same basic pulse.  In a contrasting middle section the underlying pulse, while still there, is somewhat hidden.  Mysterious sounds throughout the wind ensemble create a background for wisps and fragments of melodies with the flavor of different cultures.  The beginning motor rhythm returns, but near the end there is a longer rendition of the melody played by the woodwind section, accompanied by low brass and percussion.  Rhythmic pulses of differing values exist over a steady grand pulse that is the same for all.  Originally a work for orchestra, this version of Pulse for Wind Symphony was commissioned by the Texas State University Wind Symphony, Dr. Caroline Beatty, conductor.